Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Farewell Malta.

I don't even believe it's the time to say good-bye to Malta. This has been an experience of a lifetime. I love it here so much and have gained so much. More so I have grown in the Lord the most, and that's what i will treasure the most. But the people I have met here have been a huge impact too. The Y4J kids i will forever remember, and i know we will stay in touch. They all have a huge heart for Jesus and that's what makes me happy to see. I will miss all the memories here and all the people we have blessed. Lots of the stuff we did here will bloom and show effect later on, but some stuff will happen right away too. Especially for the people who accepted Jesus ( saved ) their life changes the moment they make that decision. Seeing new believers really makes me excited to have God in my life, because they are so happy and you can see a life change before your eyes. It makes you realize how much we take our salvation for granted.
But this week was lots of saying good-bye to people. The youth groups and the kids we have met. It's been sad, but i know they have all been blessed and us as well. It was sad saying bye to Rita who was our lady who took us around to schools. The Y4J threw us a surprise going away party. Mel was leader for the week and after an event Monday night she blind-folded us int he cars and drove us somewhere. Erin and I had it figured out that we were back at the Sprach, but no one else knew. She took us around where we live and she told us to take our blind folds off. They surprised us. I was so shocked but excited. So much food and decorations. They made a good-bye video in memory of everything hey gained from us. A huge poster with pictures of us with them. So many of them showed up and it was so cute. I was so happy, and it meant so much. I will miss them so much.
Now we are heading for Tunisia. I'm actually writing this an hour before we have to be at the airport. It was sad to pack up and leave. But i know we left nothing but great things and seeds planted in peoples lives. I pray that they will be watered, and Malta's strong hold will come to know Jesus, through all the confusion of Religion.

But we will be back in Malta in 2 weeks. But only in Malta for like a couple hours to get out big bags. I have hardly anything in my backpack for 2 weeks. But it will be amazing. And IMO excited to see what God shows us and the people we meet and the experiences we have.

God bless my family, and their health.
Pray for my friends and of course my girlfriend.
Be with them all and keep them save, just as you will keep our team save.
You beleivers, be the church and go out and tell people about God.

I will write in here when I'm back and in England.

Bye Malta...... hello North Africa.
Im ready.

Live it Good.

Friday, March 26, 2010


So this week we were in Gozo, well only 3 days. We were suppose to stay in Gozo for the whole time, but it ended up being cheaper to just come back everyday. Gozo is another island that's only a 15-20 min fairy ride away. It's a way small island, but its so beautiful and quiet. So we got up early all this week and had to catch the right fairy to get to the school in time. We loaded the vehicles on and and enjoyed the rife, i like being out at sea. Once school we were at 2 days in a row, but it was a good school, i liked it. The whole 3 days i kept seeing stars everywhere, but it had to do with a prophecy Chelsea had for me. Then the last day we went to a boys school and did a performance. The kids just love us and when were done they chant for us to do more, i love making a difference. Then on the last day we did some sight seeing. Didn't go many places. It was Ben's week to lead, and he had already been to Gozo before so he knew where to go. We went to the Dwejra Window, which is the picture at the top. It's very pretty. We took lots of pictures. It was very hot that day. We went down near the water in this bay area and played with Jelly fish. You could see them so well. Big purple ones. We picked them up, and if you pick them up right you don't get stung. It was fun. Then Charla, Keegan and me took a boat ride around the cliffs, it was very cheap so why not? I just took a moment to take in what i was looking at, it was beautiful and peaceful. I will probably never see it again. I would love being near the sea at the time, but i understand why people want to leave this place because you feel cooped up. Then we went to a red sand beach. It was really cool. It was nice to walk in our bare feet. From a distance you saw some couple making out on the beach like in a movie, it was funny. And i have already seen some nude men going for swims. HAHA. Then did some shopping and had Mcdonalds. There is this burger here called the " the Big Tasty" and some had it. IT had 860 calories in one burger! So gross.
Gozo was so great, too bad we weren;t there longer.

LAst couple days have been really slack. We haven't had any schools and stuff, so we have been hanging out. The week switched to Bethany being our leader. Yesterday we did a breakfast banaza and we all had to make breakfast for someone on our team, and give it to them. It was fun doing that. Then to a comminitycenter and Hung gout with some kids. Then today we literally did nothing, but it was nice to just hang out. We did a team turbo Jam session and got our sweat on. And were having a movie night.
The last couple nights we have been hanging out with the Y4J kids and getting to know them better. I love these people. We had crepes one night, and drove around and talked. There is this one girl Drea who lived near us, so she came visited us, she is so cute. It's to bad we didn't meet these people earlier, but its been good hanging out with them.

BTW.... Were leaving Malta early. We got denied for our Visa extension. This means we have to leave Malta earlier. So instead of us leaving for Tunisia on the 21st of April, we are leaving on the 14th to the 28th, then back in Malta for a day and then going to England for 2 weeks till home. Yes, big changes, but it's the way God wants things I guess. Plus it will give us more opportunity to do more stuff. But that means were only in Malta for another 17 days, and its sad because we are just getting to know everyone. But what can you do??
Next week we have 3 days, of and were arranging to go to Sicily for a day, and I'm excited for that.

Im leading for the next 3 days, so im IN CHARGE!
Might go cliff jumping tomorrow, and the go to Y4J youth and do some dramas for them.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The big Update

It’s kinda as if I don’t have a blog anymore, but I'm sorry for those that actually read this. For some reason I just haven’t been writing, but mostly because it feels as if there is so much stuff to write about. I’m not going to write a million page blog either, but I will write about life in general. Plus lots of people are already updated with things.

First off, It’s already well off into the second half of the mission, and by some minor changed I believe it’s going to be a really amazing second half.

We have had some team issues, well huge team issues that are now to an extent dealt with and getting better. Mostly with leadership styles and our own selfishness getting in the way. I’m not going to state everything that’s happened, but I am going to say that it all happens for a reason. Just because we have difficulties does’t mean we Arne’t a productive team. Though it’s has been rough we know that God is teaching us so much through it. We are learning on how to deal with things in a more biblical way. The more you read the whole chapter of James in the bible, things begin to make more sense and easier to deal with. There is some juicy stuff in that Chapter.

One portion of scripture we have been finding useful for out team is in 1 Peter 3:8-12.

All Christians

8 Finally, all of you should be of one mind. Sympathize with each other. Love each other as brothers and sisters.7 Be tenderhearted, and keep a humble attitude. 9 Don’t repay evil for evil. Don’t retaliate with insults when people insult you. Instead, pay them back with a blessing. That is what God has called you to do, and he will bless you for it. 10 For the Scriptures say,

“If you want to enjoy life
and see many happy days,
keep your tongue from speaking evil
and your lips from telling lies.
11 Turn away from evil and do good.
Search for peace, and work to maintain it.
12 The eyes of the Lord watch over those who do right,
and his ears are open to their prayers.
But the Lord turns his face
against those who do evil.”

We had Danny from England come down to help us get out team in line and help us all deal with our issues. By all means, I’m not any better than anyone but I can say that I have been keeping my attitude in line and keeping my complaining to a minimum which has been a problem with the team. I have had tons of encouragement saying I'm doing a good job of that, and it makes me feel good. The whole team is getting better.

We have team goals too. 1) No complaining, and keeping our attitudes right 2) Hanging out with kids at schools more.

We also have personal Goals. Mine are: Having at least one God conversation with someone on the team once a day, because I care about people and it’s important to know how people are doing. 2) Finding a new creative way to meet with God every week. 3) Maintaining a steady devotional life.

Dave and Erin decided to give us all a taste of leadership too. We all have turns to be the boss. We are in charge of everything, from planning the day and calling all the places we attend in a day, to grocery shopping. EVERYTHING. So far it’s been pretty cool.

God told me a while ago that I need to start focusing more on me and my relationship with him instead of concerning myself about other peoples life than mine. Not saying that putting people before myself is a bad thing, but you have to draw the line when its taking away from what’s most important in my life, Jesus.

We have been very fruitful on this island. We remain in prayer lots for this island to have a break through and see a harvest. We may not see results right off the bat, but we know in the long run Jesus will be present in people’s life’s. One thing that was said a while ago that really stuck with me was, “ It’s not our job to save people, but to tell them about Jesus”. For some reason it hit me. God will call us to further actions to pray for people, or people will come to us, but our job is to see people hear the gospel. That’s the most important thing in this life time and we need to get it through their heads. People may not know the importantance of what it is or what it means to them but one thing is sure, that Jesus is our everything. The Catholics here need to know and understand that it’s about having a relationship with him. Yes there are a few differences, but its comes down to knowing the truth and accepting that. The choice is theirs. People say the don’t really know if God exists and struggle with believing in him, but how can you believe in something if you don’t have faith? Or have faith and not believe?

I just want to know God more and more! I want his knowledge, and him more in my life. I don’t want to go home and go back to old ways, because I came here to show people Hope, but to be a changed person. I’m excited for that. This is not done yet, and there is still so much to happen.


So much has happened. This last previous week was amazing. We met this Guy named Sam at a bible study at the university a couple weeks ago. He is a great guy, He invited us to this youth group that was apparently close to where we live. A couple of us went, and literally it was right outside our place. It was at a building right next door. They have youth their every Saturday. They call it, Y4J ( youth For Jesus) We walk in to a melody of amazing worship. There was lots of kids, and we just worshiped. The band was so good. Once that was done we were randomly called up and asked to share who we were. Only 4 of us we there, but it was interesting how God gave us so much favour. We got to speak for 15 minutes. People loved us. Afterwards we hung out with a bunch of people that night. We were at Mcdonalds for hours and talked. They were amazing people. I felt as if we knew them forever, and they made me think of friends from home that reminded me of them. We got really close with them.

All week we attended this Lental talk conference called “ what’s pulling your strings?” it was so amazing. Great worship and a great speak all night. We had translators which was nice. We went all week. That week, the way I connected with God in a creative way was in the catholic church. We had to knell down on the kneelers and pray to God. They had music, but I felt Gods presence so strong. It was interesting because I had never done that before, but I took it as an opportunity to connect with God. It was all very similar to what I'm used to, but different at the same time. It really seemed all week that mostly everyone were Christians. It was just amazing. And all the people we hung out with all week are now like our family. They said we were a breath of fresh air for them and I think we encouraged them in so many different areas. Just to Know God more and dig into the word more, because that one thing we have noticed that people here don’t usually read their bibles. Then we had a picnic with them on the weekend. So great, I'm excited to hang out with them more. Oh, and thanks for taking us out dancing guys J, so much fun.

Mel and I are the children on the team and just dance all over the place. The team expect the Mel and Kj Show everyday because we are just outrageous. LOL. I’m going to miss that once this is all over.

We have been going to sessions about Tunisia, and learning about their culture. Some people we hang out with used to live there, so we are being taught about Muslims and what they believe in. It’s a blessing for Jonah to give us so much attention, when were only going to be gone 2 weeks. We leave April 21st-May 5th. We are traveling light, only pack packs and taking the train down the coast. God is going to do so much. I’m excited to ride on a camel. But I will talk more about this once we get closer.

Other things are just spending lots of times with new and old youth groups. We are growing closer to churches and still visiting new ones. We have written new dramas and done them in colleges on the island too. We have spoken to many prisoners and Showed them the love of God.

Amy and I got to our 1 year anniversary, though we all know it’s almost double that but it was cool to get there officially <3>

I keep praying for Chad, because his surgery is at the end of the month and I pray for healing all the time. The whole team does. Everyone keep praying please! The Lord had big plans for him. And I prayed for more of God in his life. Jesus be with him!

Mostly God is showing me and preparing me for so much more. The battle has already been won, but we still need to fight. I finding the person God wants me to be. God had answered so many prayers so far, and people are being saved.


This week we have been taking the fairy to Gozo, which is like a 2 min ride. We have been at schools. It’s a pretty island, but we will explore more on our last day. I feel so tight on that island, and it feels like your trapped. No wonder people want out of here.

But it’s been so great.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day

It's been a long week, but quite a fantastic one if I don't mind saying.

I felt as if God was really just moving through the whole team this week, not saying he doesn't always, but I could really feel him this week. It's amazing what can happen when you ask the Holy Spirit to just move through you. For instance; we went to a troubled household, a place where girls go who have been abused and sexually assaulted, ect. We really got to minister to these girls, and you could tell they really needed it. They were a rowdy group of teenage girls, but it was to be expected. I really just wanted to love on these groups of girls, because I could tell they were really broken and needed to be loved. That’s one of the most important things it talks about in the bible, to love on people just as they are. These girls just needed it. We did some dramas and just made a difference. And since it wasn’t a school it was a better place where we could openly talk about Jesus. Lots of the girls had questions asking about God/Jesus that were really valid questions. We just testified what God has done in our life and how they can have what we have by just talking to him and asking him into their life. One girl wanted it. She was crying to us and telling us her story, and it was really sad but then we talked to her and she wanted Jesus. You could tell that she was talking about Marry at first, but we told her that its Jesus is the way. You could tell she needed him. She got bullied lots but she was a strong person. The important thing here is that she was saved that night. That’s what ministry is about. We loved on these kids, and even if no one else asked God into their life that night, we know that we planted a seed and opened up their eyes huge, and it came down to love.

One of the nights this week we all just freely worshipped God in the main area where we eat. We just prayed a listened to worship. It was beautiful. We haven’t worshipped like that outside of church like that since we left boot camp. It was wonderful. We just proclaimed to God everything we had and thanked him and listened to him. He taught me lots about confidence and more about obedience. He told me to pray for Erin and her migraines, and so I did. But then my biggest obstacle came, and it was to pray for a stranger. This man I have seen at the Sprachcaffe for a while now. He was a crippled man with arm braces. For days God told me to pray for him, but I was waiting for a good opportunity. God gave me that time, and I was pushed. I left the room and went for it. I didn’t even know where he was but everything in me knew I needed to do it. I was scared, only I felt put on the spot. Then I found him, sitting at the bar near the lobby. Then I said “ Lord Help me” and then man walked out. Eventually I had to go for it, and then I went up to him and introduced myself. God spoke through me, and it came down to me just asking him if I could pray for him, but he said no. I wasn’t disappointed, because I had done what God asked me. I will probably have another opportunity to pray for him in the future, and hope it planted a seed in him life. I was bold.

Wednesday, we did some evangelism in Valetta (city behind walls). We met with the youth group and walked around. We split up and we just handed out books about Jesus that the River of Love church made, which was a vision the pastor had. So we handed them out to people and then prayed for some people and just got to know some too. It was a time to just be faithful to people. It was wonderful. Also, it helped the youth to step out of their comfort zone and talk to people too, but the Holy Spirit led everything. Great time.

The rest of the week consisted of lots of Jesus time, lots of the team fasting and just getting to know him better. The schools that week were awesome, and we got to reach out to them lots. Our speaks after the dramas are getting better and better. You can see that it’s a huge eye opener for the kids.

We had a petizzi-eating contest one afternoon with Gaz, Ben and I. I only ate 5 of them nasty things, and Gaz won with eating over 10, and Ben puking after 9. BEST EVER!

Gaz went back to England Thursday night. Saturday was a day off, and I did literally nothing, but it was nice. Actually, Mel and I decided to go into our courtyard where all our bedroom windows face and build a little fire. It’s a little jungle back there, but it was fun. We tried to catch Lizards too, but that failed.

Then we watched biggest loser and played Sims. LOL.

Today is Valentines Day, and Dave’s birthday! BIG 38! We had heart pancakes and it was cute. We had 3 services today. The youth group at the River of Love was great; we did dramas and hung out with the kids. They range from 14-25. Then another adult service after the youth service at the River of Love. Then after that we went out for dinner at this place called Abracabobra, a Turkish place.

We got home and did our valentines day stuff. The boys sung, “ You are my fire” to the girls with a guitar, and made a cute card for everyone with messages. Then the girls sung a song they wrote that was super cute that I recorded. I love them. Then they brought us into the room and had candles everywhere, and a table with personal cards and our favorite Maltese Pop beside it. It was the best.

Then a yummy chocolate cake for Dave’s birthday.

What a cute night.

I hope Amy liked her card I made, lol. I love you Hun, and I hope you have a wonderful day. You are very special to me, and I love you so much, even more then chocolate cake ;) You are my Valentines, no matter what. And Mom, I love you lots too.

Tomorrow we are hanging out. Were going to Carnival to check everything out. It’s this yearly tradition were they have a bunch of everything going on. They have shows and cultural floats and activities. You can dress up too. But basically it’s over a couple day period. I’m excited to check it out. It’s like a big get to do, kind of like Stampede but in a different way. LOL. So that will be cool.

I’m praying for you Chad, and I love you so much. I hope your surgery goes well, and I want you to know the Lord isn’t done with you. Your cancer will be gone, and you will heal by Jesus. He has a plan and a purpose for you, don’t give up. Have faith. I love you.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Gone 1 month


We went to our first non-private school. It was a school that was an American School. It had boys and girls, and they were from all over the world. Some from Canada and US, and then from all over Europe and stuff. It was a really cool mix. And the cool part was, the school was only a block away from where were staying. We got there and we did our main show, and we had really little space but we made it work. We did some small dramas and then some games. It was a great group of kids, and they were all like 14-15 year olds, but seriously I thought they were all like 17, they were really mature. It was nice to have a group that really listened to us and really enjoyed what they saw. And because they were mostly all foreigners so it was easier to connect.
At the end we got talking and we told them where we are staying and most of them said they go their everyday after school and chill. Then we decided that we would hang out one day. Collectively we all decided to hang out Saturday at 1pm. They were going to meet us at our place. So we were excited to hang out with them.
Then we had lots of time before the evening to chill and hang out. OH, and I forgot to mention, a guy named Gaz flew down from London to hang out for a week. He was a guy who was on Life Force a couple years ago, and also the Son of the lady I stayed with In Walsal. He is a great guy, so he is tagging along with us.
That night we went to this family’s house for youth group. They were a great group of people. The house was like a castle on the inside, it was so nice. We had pizza and hung out. Their family has been all over, and they are just following Gods command. This youth group is part of their vision. The one daughter is the same age, and she rocked the sweetest Afro ever. We will hang with them again im sure.


I woke up sick; not impressed. Had some breakfast and hung out till 1. I was really excited to hang out with the youth. It would give us the opportunity to get to know the kids more and just love on them, and minister to them at any opportunity. 8 of us went, and the rest went to Gozo, which is the island like 40 min away from Malta. We showed up and all together we were rolling 17 people deep! It was so funny. Not everyone from the class came, but the ones that wanted to come. We decided to take the bus to the other side of the island and check out the cliffs. We had to hide this dog in a bag to get him on the bus, it was funny. The busses are really cheap too, like 47 pents. Or you could buy a day pass, but you had to be in the same zone, and we weren’t going to be. It was a good bus ride and it was really pretty. I stopped and realized where I was and how beautiful it was and the chance of a lifetime it actually was.
We got off in Mdina and went to the best petizzi place on the island; they were pretty great. Then we begun to walk to the cliffs. It ended being an hour walk from where we were. It was a nice day out and rolling 17 of us was so fun. We got to know everyone so great and talk with everyone. This one girl was like our tour guide and she knew everything about everything. The kids here are so free to do whatever and explore. It’s not like they can really go anywhere else. They all go to the clubs on the weekends and they are under age too. I don’t know how they get in, but I guess everyone does it. They want us to go dancing with them. I’m excited to talk to them more about our mission and how Jesus had made a difference in our life, because I know they can see that were different and I want to make a difference in they’re life. One step at a time.
The cliffs were so pretty, the best place I have seen so far. The sun was right on the water and it was really windy and the view was amazing. It was well worth the walk and the adventure. You get to do that to often, I had a blast.
I was trying not to let me being sick slow me down either.
We took a bus back instead of walking, and then caught another bus to get back home. We got to know them so much, and we will all hang out so soon im sure because they hang around where we live.
By the end of the day I was feeling really gross.


Woke up, feeling like death, but I had drugs to help. We went to a new church today. It was really nice. We had headsets to listen too with a lady translating the service for us, it was interesting. But before the service we spend time in prayer at tables for different things. Then went home, ate and go ready for youth.
Youth was fun as usual, and I was really tired. I have all day felt the spirit so hard and I was worshiping with all my heart and just reading my bible and God was speaking to me lots. It was a great day.
Then I skyped with Amy and Mom, it was cute. I miss you guys, lots. I miss you and love you lots Amy J.
Now im downloading the biggest loser on itunes.

Monday we will probably get to sleep in because we don’t have a school in the morning, lets hope. I want to sleep in, but we may have to get up, and then were going to a troubled girls school in the evening.
Also, were doing a group Bread and water fast. So just bread and water, LOL. I’m excited, because I need some intense Jesus time.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

3 weeks gone

WOW. I guess I have had no motivation to update this in a while.
So this last week went really great. We got to go to more schools all week.
Your never sure what to expect everytime we go to another school because every group of kids are different. This week we got really great responses and kids really liked us. Well its not normal for them to have a team from Canada come take them out of class to watch some drama and play games, so of course they like it. But it’s our opertunity to share with them our faith and offer them hope, but also teach them some life lessons for their age ranges. We have been getting gmore confisdent with speaking after drama’s and sharing our heart with the kids. I pray that it’s always God speaking through me. Its best to engage them and be real with them. Telling personal stories and sharing that aspect with them makes them more interested. Last week we had lots of kids we stayed for a long time to talk to us, and asked us so many questions and even being interesting in LifeForce and the street invaders team in the summer, so that shows that Gods ansawering our prayers. They love us so much that they don’t want us to leave and they are basically crawling on us and just wanting to hang out. Most of them are old enough to meet us places to hang out too. It’s great.
We had a meeting with Rita, our coordinator this week for her to tell us how were doing.
She told us things we can work on and things to be more aware of. Lots of it was useful, but she tried explaining to us to sometimes tone down what we talk about. Our focuss is to spread the love of God, and we have the freedom to do that, so we can’t completely stop that all together and completely focuss on life lessons, because that’s not our purpose. I understand we can’t do a ton of preaching because that will lose their interest. Because mostly everyone is Catholic, it’s good that we can express to them that it’s about a relationship, and they get that message by what we say and what show in our dramas. So it’s about balance. But that not our whole ministry; our ministry is to spread the gospel all over, and be the church. So we hang with the youth groups and we go on prayer walks and listen to where God wants us to go. We our starting to do more outreach too. Everything will come in time. But God gave me a slap across the face because ei wasn’t spending enough time with him, so I need to start doing that because he misses that and so do I. need to stop getting caught up in everything else, because team life isn’t everything. I love him so much. He is speaking to me clear and showing me lots of cool things, and I finally feel im starting my new chapter with him. I have been praying lots about after im done with Lifeforce, but it’s still unclear but he had been showing me climpses of things which is cool.
Im praying lots for everyone back at home, and here as-well. The Lord is not done yet, and it’s amazing so far.
I have been praying for the gift of language, because I think it would be cool to understand Maltese, but I guess I could learn. Lots of people speak English, so that’s not a big problem, but I want to learn some. Rita is a big help when we need her to translate.
We have been pretty blessed with our free time, but its almost to much free time. It will get better once we have more on our schedule. But now we just sit around too much. We are praying more as a team and doing worship which is good.
I’m also loving our services we attend.
The River of love is a fantastic church with a great youth program. We attend there Saturday night services, and the Sunday youth. We are hanging out lots with the youth and getting to know them a lot better. We have been doing lots with them, and its great. I can hardly wait for the youth retreat were going on with them. They need a new building, so we have been praying lots for that because its getting really big.
The other church we go to on Sunday morning is my favourite. It’s a very big space, but not enough people. They are praying for a harvest. The worship and spirit you feel in that place is so great. I love the goose-bumps I get from listening to the people speak. The people at that church are so friendly and welcoming. It’s so amazing.

We have explored lots more of the island too. We went to the beach the other day, not to far from where we live. Its one of the best beaches to go swim at. And it’s an actual sand beach too. Erin, Dave. Charla and Keegan and I all went down there. It started to rain, but we all shed some layers and went and ran in the waves and got rained on. BEST MOMENT EVER! And the view was fantastic, I don’t even think a picture could describe it. Im excited to swim in it.

Well tomorrow is my day off, so I need to figure out what I want to do.
Plus, im loving Skype. It’s the best way to stay connected with the close ones, and it’s a free and easy way to talk. I even got to talk to Grandma the other day over speaker phone ( talk about being cheap) LOL. I love it.

That’s all for now. I will upload pictures soon.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Living it good....

Hi this is mel. Keddy is da boooss. He loves you all And misses you guys. Any who new blog from him as follows :

So it’s been a interesting week for sure. God is just raining down so hard and it’s so fantastic. I’m learning now to just look for the best in every situation and to glorify God all the time. So before Wednesday we just got ready for our first school we went to. We learned a couple new Drama’s from Danny, but then he left Monday afternoon. They were neat dramas, and really funny. So we practiced lots for those. The rest of the time we explored the island, and got used to the roads. We have 2 vehicles that we have for our whole time. It’s nice because then we have more freedom to go places, and get around. They drive on the opposite of the road, just as they do in London, and all cars drive on the left side too. It’s funny watching Dave + Erin drive. One day we just spend the day walking around and getting to know a certain area. Saint Pauls is really cool, and very beautiful. We have gotten so many good days of weather, so walking around is is glorious. We walked along the road that’s right along the ocean. There is lots of places to take pictures of, and lots of neat shops. There are so many Pestitzie places all over the island and they are so cheap to buy but probably not very good for you. Im trying to be careful with money and buying food, even though everything is very cheap, I know it will add up fast. Walking around is the best thing ever, and once you find a nice place to sit and just capture the moment- it’s gold.
We checked about getting internet sticks. They are very expensive. It was like 89 Euros just to get the stick alone, plus the cost of the actually plan per month which is another 25 Euro. I would be splitting the cost with Ben and Chelsea, but it’s only for 7 gig of internet a month and it would be hard to balance that our. So we figure out that it would be cheaper and more efficient to just buy internet at the SprachCaffe at the place were staying. To buy the 40 Euro plan, you get like 33 hours of internet, which is plenty. Or we could walk down to Potville and go to the Mcdonalds and get free Wi-Fi, but that’s to much effort. Everyone now is caught up on sleep. The hours for some stores here are weird. They close in the early afternoon because they go have naps. Which I could nap when Im at work! But the people here wake up early, have naps and then say up late. But the whole team have taken advantages of naps. You just get tired when you’re here, but it feels nice.
So our first day of working in the school was great. It was an all girls school, and we did a bunch of dramas and people spoke after dramas. The girls really enjoyed our time with them. Some of them had a crush on Nathan which was so funny. But we tried to show them that Jesus is alive and well, and having a relationship with them is what he longs for. Though most places are catholic on the island, we have the freedom to talk about Jesus in schools. Not that it’s going to change everyones conceptions on Jesus and God, but we never know who its really speaking too. Our point is just ot change their hearts and love them as they are. Lots of the drama’s have life lessons they can take from too, like Peer Pressure, Acceptance, ect. These kids come from all over the places, and we just have to love them and show them we care. Some kids are so desperate for any bit hope. You can tell when some kids are really showing interest and it really stirring something in their heart. We didn’t need a translator which was nice, because that takes a long time to have to do that, but lots of dramas are to music. It’s becoming good practice speaking in front of people, and we all will get better as time goes by. We want God to speak through us. ITS SO EXCITING TO JUST GLORIFY GOD, AND SHOW THEM WHO JESUS IS!!!!!! I love it, so much.
Today was an all boys school. It was a school where kids have problems at home and stuff. This was a really good opertunity to reach out to these kids. The boys responded different then the girl, but that’s okay, We can tell the difference too, even within the first group of kids to the second, because we have to sessions every day.
Some drama’s are more serious than other ones, but I just pray that the Holy spirit would just fill that place and that it would change the hearts of every kid. They all loved it so much, and we had a chance to talk with of them after. Today we all felt that these kids needed Jesus more than ever, because some of them were so broken, but were going back to that school. We play fun drama games to engage the kids more, and we have lots of fun. It’s great to see the smile on their faces.

Today we all split up and went a prayer walk. We needed to connect more with God as a team. Mel and I just walked around and let God guide us. We talked with some guy, and told him that Jesus loves him. Even that is enough to just change someone’s life. Who knows, that conversation can become part of their testimony later on.
Then we just went to the water and just prayer and looked over God beauty, it was wonderful.
Tonight we are having home-made pizzas because it’s Grady’s 20th birthday.
And I have started running again, and running along the ocean is the most amazing thing ever!!!!!

Along with… I really pray that God is going to Continue to show signs to you and show himself faithful in your life. I love you, and I know you will be set free. To: KC.

Ps. I miss you lots, but Im happy with the way the Lord is working in you.
And I love you lots Grandma, thanks for all your prayers.